About Hemma


Hemma Mason is the go to photography studio for people who seek authentic, effective representation in the marketplace.

While most photography is artistic or abstract, a view of what the photographer imagines for you, Hemma Mason Photography is different. Your vision and aims shape our photography to foreground your work, not our techniques.

We listen and ensure we understand what you wish to communicate. Then we mix in our expertise and experience to create an arresting and beautiful portfolio that directly conveys your vision.

More than stunning photography, we have a background in business, construction and marketing. Our photography is for the marketplace, not the gallery; clean and captivating, never fussy or contrived. Our images focus on communicating and selling your work across all print and social media platforms.


Our Mission

Provide a unique and exceptional service to help businesses to attract more of their ideal clients, increase their revenue and remove the stress that comes with not being represented properly in their marketing by creating stunning and authentic images.


Our Vision

To educate and inspire people to approach Business photography in a new way by specialising in understanding a businesses values, goals and vision. This understanding allows the creation of fabulous images that truly showcase and represent a businesses talent and uniqueness, powering growth and properity.


Our Values

Deliver great professionalism, quality and reliability to help and inspire. Above all we value customers, building relationships, integrity, passion, creativity and authenticity.